I believe that SciFi makes the world a better place by helping people understand others who are different than themselves.

I’ve been a producer, director, and editor in film and broadcast TV for… well a long time.  Watch a Discovery Channel show I co-produced and edited: Tank School!

Recently I produced Let’s Knit2gether, a pioneering online video series about knitting.  My wife CAT was the host.  The show became well known in the knitting world and ran for five years.

I met my wife in college.  She was a Computer Scientist and I was a Filmmaker. Today film making is all about computers so now we’re basically in the same business.

I also speak at conferences about online video, social media, and TV/film production.





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  1. Joseph Sakkab

    Dear Mr. Susch,
    My name is Joseph Sakkab and i am from Jordan. In art in school, I am analyzing two artworks. An old one, and a new one that is a distortion of the old one, similar to what you did with the creation of Adam and ATOM. i would like to know a little it about you and your life, where you studied, what inspired you to create this particular painting in such a way. i read that you would replace humans with robots after they destroyed the earth with nuclear weapons and technology, but i don’t understand why did you choose a robot and why did you create god in the figure of a female and why was the hair short. In addition, I did not understand if you the reason why you did not add the angels around the god or there was simply no reason. I would really appreciate your help and thank-you.


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