A Million Faces, A Million Lies

a million faces, a million liesMaking movies is something I know about.  I know how to light a space and frame a shot on a real world film set.  It’s a process that makes sense to me.  That’s comforting when I’m floundering around with all the thousands of CGI controls that I have no clue about.  It gives me more time to experiment and learn.

This image actually came about serendipitously when I was setting the depth of field on the camera in the previous shot. I was off to the side (in a virtual sense) measuring the focal distance from camera to subject and this is what I saw. I set another camera, moved the red light a bit to adjust the shadow, and threw a cool blue light on the back wall. It’s just one of those happy accidents that sometimes becomes the coolest shot in your film.

a million faces, a million lies

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