Oh NO! He’s loose in the city!

Another test in DAZ Studio.  This time in an exterior location.  (click to embiggen)



I think at this point I’ve mastered how to set a camera and control the depth of field, which has been my main focus up to now.

I’m still having trouble getting the feet on the ground correctly.  The back foot just doesn’t seem to be on the ground.  I think this has more to do with the shadow than anything else.  I’m still using light presets that come with the environment so I’ll play around with this more when I set some custom lights.

I color corrected this a bit in Lightroom to give it a bit more punch.  It makes a big difference.  The two images in my previous post were right out of DAZ Studio and I see now that I should have done the extra work and color corrected them too.

Models = Infernal Behemoth in Urban Sprawl 2

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