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Space: 1999 original 44 inch Eagle One special effects model!

Check out this video of the original Space: 1999 Eagle One 44 inch special effects model as it appears today!  See the inner workings including the crude pilots in the cockpit and how the rocket engines shoot out compressed air!  Fabulous!

…The Original 44 inch Eagle One special effects model, from the 1970s Gerry Anderson television series Space: 1999. The only large model available at the start of filming (it was later joined by two other similar models at that size) it featured heavily in most episodes – and was crashed many times. Now 35 years old, it has been damaged and painted several times over the years but was given a major refurbishment in 2002 to return it to it’s studio appearance and more importantly to prevent it falling apart. It should now easily last for another 35+!


June Cleaver did not attend SXSW

CAT and I had a great time at South by Southwest Interactive 2009.  One of the panels we went to was called Soapbox Spielberg where the panelists created special effects live during the hour.

CAT and I had the chance to participate as volunteers.  Erik Beck of IndyMogul directed us in one of the demonstrations – a short video about a man, a woman, and a cleaver.  Check it out!

There’s a complete writeup of the Soapbox Spielberg session over at NewTeeVee.