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Old Spice Guy records a get well video for Kevin Rose

This is social media marketing at it’s best! The Old Spice guy records a get well video for Kevin Rose creator of Digg.com, Revision3 and host of Diggnation.

This is brilliance in action.  A funny video directed at an unlikely person with a large social network.  Old Spice gets their brand to geeks everywhere.  (And it’s funny too.  This won’t work unless people want to talk about it.)  Old Spice has made scores of personalized message videos to invade other demographics too.  Check them all out in their YouTube channel.

There’s one directed at Alyssa Milano.

After her reaction, Old Spice Guy recorded and posted a response video.

Then Kevin Rose sees the video directed at him and replies on Twitter.  Then Old Spice Guy records and uploads another video to continue the conversation.

Then another video for Alyssa Milano.

This is how it’s done, people!  Old Spice is schooling us all on social media marketing!  Pay attention!

Is YouTube search weighted in favor of big media companies?

Check out the related videos that are presented after watching an acoustic version of Do You Wanna Date My Avatar? on YouTube.

The big budget movie “Avatar” gets the top three spots. Why? The official music video version of Do You Wanna Date My Avatar? has almost the exact same title and also has WAY more views than any of the other three, yet it gets bumped to fourth position. The movie “Avatar” only matches one word in the title of the current video but it gets the top three spots. I sense something fishy. Are small independent producers getting pushed down in the rankings in favor of companies like 20th Century Fox? It looks like it to me.

YouTube is much better in widescreen

It’s been two weeks since YouTube went widescreen. In my travels around the “internets” I’ve come across quite a few embedded YouTube videos that use the new 16×9 player.  I didn’t expect to see so many so soon.  It’s quite refreshing.  I’m surprised at how much of a difference it seems to make.  The new player gives a refined first impression I guess, so you start off the video on a positive note rather than, “Hey look, another YouTube video.  I wonder if it’s crap.”

It’s good to see YouTube finally modernizing their player and their site.  I’ve heard that stereo audio and real HD resolutions are coming but I haven’t confirmed it.  Can’t seem to find the recommended video specs in the YouTube help pages either.  I know I’ve seen this page before and I’m sure the specs have changed with the new player.  Anybody know what the new specs are?